Fun ideas for a Kids Sunglasses themed party

Hey there party planners! Ready to throw the coolest, most eye-catching bash for your little ones? You’ve landed on the ultimate guide for hosting a sun-sational, sunglasses-themed party that promises to leave kids dazzled and delighted. Imagine a day where the sun never sets on fun, where every little guest gets to be the coolest kid on the block. From the moment they step in, they'll be transported to a world of style and fun.

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Crafty Sunglasses Invites:
Get creative with a DIY project that's as enjoyable to make as it is to receive. Use vibrant cardstock, glitter, and even tiny pom-poms to craft invites that stand out. Include playful puns like "Let's throw some shade together!" or "Eye think you're cool, join my party!" for that extra giggle. For a sneak peek of the fun ahead – cut invites into sunglass shape or throw in mini party favour/novelty sunglasses.

Go Digital with Flair:
Prefer to keep things modern and paperless? Why not create animated invites that feature sunny scenes and dancing sunglasses. Use platforms that allow for interactive elements, like RSVP buttons that reveal a cool sunglasses GIF when clicked. Ensure the digital decor matches your party's vibrant theme to build anticipation.


Sunshine and Sunglasses Decor:
Transform your space into a sunny spectacle with sunglasses garlands, table centrepieces, and more. It's all about creating that wow factor with minimal fuss.

Balloon Art Extravaganza:
Who doesn't love balloons? Challenge a local balloon artist to create life-size sunglasses installations that can serve as photo ops. Mix in balloons that are shaped like the sun and use LED lights inside clear balloons for an evening glow that mimics sunshine.

A Palette of Sunshine:
Brighten up the party with a colour scheme that screams "fun in the sun." Think vibrant yellows, oranges, and pinks to set the perfect backdrop for those cool shades.

Activities and Games

Create-a-Shade Workshop:
Expand the craft station to include not just decoration of sunglasses but also assembling them from parts. Offer a variety of frames and lenses for a truly custom experience. Consider having a "fashion show" where kids can showcase their creations on a runway.

Sunglasses Scavenger Hunt:
For an educational twist, include fun facts about the sun and the importance of eye protection in each clue. This not only makes the hunt more engaging but also instills valuable knowledge.

"Shady" Relay Races:
Add more variety by including obstacles that require teams to swap sunglasses based on different challenges, like color-coded zones where they must switch to matching shades to proceed.

Strike a Pose Photobooth:
Create a selfie station complete with a variety of sunglasses and funky backdrops. It's the perfect spot for kids to snap memorable photos of their stylish selves.

Food and Drinks

Sunglasses Snack Bar:
Keep it simple with cookies shaped like sunglasses to fruit platters arranged in eye-catching designs. For something a bit fancier - Introduce a make-your-own smoothie station where kids can choose their ingredients from a colorful array of fruits and toppings. Use sunglasses-shaped molds for ice cubes to keep the drinks cool and on-theme. From cookies shaped like sunglasses to fruit platters arranged in eye-catching designs, we've got snack ideas that are as delicious as they are on-theme.

Chill Out with "Cool Shades" Punch:
Quench their thirst with a vibrant, refreshing punch that fits the theme to a T. Give it a name, such as "Sunny's Sparkling Surprise." Served in clear cup, it'll be a hit.

Party Favors

Stylish Shades for All:
Partner with a local sunglasses shop for a discount on bulk purchases or even custom frames that feature the party's date or theme. This adds a personalised touch that will make the favors even more memorable.

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Goodie Bags with a Twist:
Include a sunglasses care kit with a microfiber cloth and case, teaching kids the value of taking care of their belongings. Add in a fun photo of them from the photobooth with a thank you note on the back for a personal touch. For something extra, throw in theme treats, stickers or mini sunscreens, ensuring the fun continues even after the party's over.


And there you have it—a blueprint for a sunglasses-themed kids party that's sure to be all the rage. With a dash of creativity and these fun ideas, you're all set to throw a bash that'll have everyone talking (and wearing cool shades). Remember, it's all about creating those smile-worthy moments that your little ones will remember for years to come. Let's get this party started!