Give the Gift of healthy eyes this Christmas

Give the gift of healthy eyes this Christmas  with some Roshambo sun glasses.
Children spend a lot of time outside enjoying school recess, after school sports and playtime with friends.
You most likely send them outside with sunscreen to protect their skin, or long sleeved clothing and tell them to play in the shade.
 But what about protection for their eyes?
Do children need to wear sunglasses?
Children receive more annual sun exposure than adults. Which is crazy to think about!
This increased exposure to sunlight also increases the risk of eye damage from UV light. Unlike adult eyes, children's eyes are still maturing and cannot filter out the harmful UV rays as effectively.
As you an imagine children's eyelids and the skin around the eye are delicate and more vulnerable than adult skin. Damage from UV rays builds up over time. Long-term eye problems not specific to children could include cataracts and age-related macular degeneration that can blur vision, dull colors and lead to the development of a noncancerous growth of tissue on the surface of the eye.
There also are some short-term physical side effects from too much UV light including photokeratitis, also known as "snow blindness." This occurs when UV rays reflect off sand, water, ice and snow, or if you stare at the sun.
Photokeratitis is like having a sunburned eye. OUCH!!!
Fortunately, sunglasses will protect the skin around the eye and the eye itself.
Consider having your children wear sunglasses every day. UV rays can still damage eyes on cloudy days, it will also get them into the habit of wearing their glasses as they grow older too.
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