Our Little Story

We started up Roshambo Baby Australia during the COVID lockdown a few months ago, inspired by our other little baby shop. 

We were so touched by how the brand owners who established these rad shades in the United States have such passion to support autism and they wanted their sole distributors to have the same values and goals. That is when we said this was for us and that once a month, a portion of our earnings from our Australian sales will go to Ronald McDonald House Charities for the seriously ill kids and their families. We will continue supporting this cause, especially knowing kids in our families who have had ADHD, autism and other needs, so it is a cause especially close to our hearts. It's a humbling thought to know that these kids are getting the help they need for better care, love, support and education, so they can thrive in life and possibly have a chance at kid adventures of what any child would want to experience.

We also know how harsh our Australian UV Rays can get and its effects. So what better way than to keep our kids' eyes safer for longer with high quality sunglasses that most kids love. This is our story and the beginning of our chapter to our exciting journey with Roshambo Baby Australia. 


Vicky, Ty & little Benjamin (3)