SEE our Summer Top Tips for 2023!

We have some TOP TIPS for you this Summer.
When choosing sunnies for your little one (or yourself) consider these tips:
1. Look for UV protection.
Choose sunglasses that block 99%–100% of both UVA (long-length) and UVB
(short- length) rays. Look for large wraparound-style sunglasses that cover a lot
of skin. If your children need to wear prescription lenses, you may want to
consider transition lenses, to eliminate the need for sunglasses. These lenses block 100%
of the sun's UV rays. (Our Roshambo frames can be ordered and used to add your prescription lenses to)
2. Make sure the sunglasses are durable.
Active children need sunglasses made of impact-resistant polycarbonate with
scratch-proof lenses. Frames should be bendable but unbreakable. Make sure the fit is snug but comfortable. Our frames are PERFECT for young children. Super cute, durable, affordable and child proof!
3. Consider activities.
Some sunglasses come with amber or green lenses and can increase contrast, which may be useful for sports.
4. Let kids choose.
Kids are more likely to wear sunglasses if they've been allowed to pick them out. Let them choose among a few pairs of sunglasses. We have a HUGE range online that are super cute and a hit with the kids (and adults alike)
Remember – it is also super important to add a wide brimmed hat, cool loose clothing and sunscreen to your sunglasses.
Be sun smart. Be eye smart.
For more information check us out here –
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