The Australian Parent's Guide to Choosing the Best Sunglasses for Kids

As Aussie parents, we navigate a lot of sun-kissed adventures with our kids. From the bustling beaches to the rugged outback, ensuring our little ones are safe under the fierce Australian sun is a top priority. So, let's expand our horizons and delve deeper into the sunny world of kids' eye protection!

When it comes to choosing baby or kid sunglasses in Australia, there are a few key things you'll want to tick off your checklist to ensure you're protecting your family from the harshness of our Aussie sun. Let's dive into what makes a pair of sunnies not just cool, but also cool for the health of your kids' eyes!

Sun protection

The Checklist for Sun-Safe Eyewear:

  • Are they polarised? This means they reduce glare, making it easier for your kiddos to see on sunny days without squinting.
  • Are they fully UV protected from A/B/C rays? This is non-negotiable! Full protection means less harm from those sneaky ultraviolet rays.
  • Do they meet ARPANZA standards? That's the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency. Plus, compliance with AS/NZS1067:2016 ensures they're up to scratch with Aussie standards.
  • Where are they made? Always check for quality because not all sunnies are made equal!

Why Roshambo Baby Australia is the Best and Right Choice

At Roshambo Baby Australia, we've ticked all the above boxes and more! We're not just about style; we're about substance too. Here's why our sunnies are the talk of the playground:

  • 25% lighter than other shades: They stay put on babies' faces, because who has time for slipping sunglasses?
  • Category 3 darkness: For those extra bright days, ensuring comfort and protection.
  • Made out of recycled material: We're eco-friendly because we love our beautiful Aussie environment as much as you do.
  • Safe parts: All BPA and chemical-free. Only the best for your little ones.
  • Flexible, bendable, durable: Our sunglasses withstand the adventures of the most active kids.
  • Free microfiber cleaning cloth with every pair of sunglasses purchase: To keep those shades spotless.
  • Great customer support: We're a family-owned business, passionate about sun safety and here to help.
  • Giving back to charities: We believe in doing good, one pair of sunnies at a time.
  • 1-year warranty on all damaged frames and lenses: Because accidents happen, especially with kids.

Understanding the Science of Sun Protection

Let's break down why these features are so crucial. UV rays can be incredibly harmful over time, leading to eye conditions like cataracts and macular degeneration. By ensuring your kids' sunglasses are fully UV protected and meet stringent safety standards, you're taking a significant step in safeguarding their vision.

Polarisation isn't just about reducing squinting; it improves visual clarity and reduces eye strain, making outdoor activities more enjoyable and safer. And let's not forget the importance of durability and comfort - features that ensure the sunglasses actually stay on your child's face.

Fashion Meets Function

We understand that kids will be kids. They want to look cool and feel comfortable. That's why our range of sunglasses comes in various styles and colours, suited to every young personality. Whether your child is the sporty type or the next beachside fashionista, we have a pair that they'll love and actually want to wear.

The Bigger Picture - A Sustainable Choice

Choosing Roshambo Baby Australia isn't just a win for your child's eye health; it's a win for the planet. Our commitment to using recycled materials and giving back to charities reflects our broader mission to ensure a bright, healthy future for all children.

The Roshambo Promise

We are more than just a brand; we're parents who believe in quality, safety, and fun. Our promise is to provide you with not just a product but peace of mind. With great customer support and a family-friendly ethos, we're here to make your parenting journey a little easier and a lot sunnier.

Wrapping It Up

Choosing the right sunglasses for your kids in Australia is more than just picking the cutest pair. It's about ensuring they're protected, comfortable, and ready to explore the great outdoors. With Roshambo Baby Australia, you're not just buying sunglasses; you're investing in your child's eye health and supporting a brand that cares about the future - both for your family and the environment.

So, the next time you're out and about, enjoying a day under our brilliant blue sky, rest easy knowing your little ones are looking cool and staying safe with their Roshambo Baby shades. Cheers to sunny days and safe play!