The Benefits of Blue Light Blockers

We, including our children, are all guilty of spending far too much of our time in front of a screen, especially during these wild lock-down times when there is nothing else to do but binge watch Netflix, scroll through social media for hours or play video games. All of which is not good for the longevity of our eye health. 

No matter your age or occupation it is always important to be mindful of the effects that too much screen time can have on you. Some of these possible health issues include: 

  • Obesity. People who spend too much time engaging in sedentary activities, rather than physical activities have a higher chance of suffering from obesity due to this limited activity. 
  • Sleep problems. The light/brightness emitted from electronic devices has been seen to interfere with the brain’s sleep cycle, preventing people from being able to get a good night’s sleep.
  • Chronic neck and back pain. Too much screen time has been seen to cause poor posture, causing chronic neck, shoulder and back pain. This is because screen time is often associated with sitting, rather than moving, walking around or stretching.
  • Headaches. The brightness of screens has been seen to cause headaches and sore eyes as the body was not designed to stare at artificial light for hours on end. 

Blue light glasses are a somewhat modern invention, designed to help reduce the amount of blue light a person's eyes receive from a lot of time spent in front of electronics. 

It is for the exact reason mentioned above, in regards to the negative effect excessive blue light can have on a person's eyes, that we are advocates of the importance of blue light blocking glasses as they help to eliminate a large portion of this unnatural and potentially harming light. 

By wearing blue light blocking glasses you will find that your eyes are somewhat able to catch a break and you will therefore feel as though you  will be able to work longer as there will be less strain on your eyes and therefore you are less likely to experience as much tiredness. 

Getting children used to the idea of wearing blue light blocking glasses at a young age is going to massively help them to eliminate a large amount of eye-strain, considering the world is getting more and more digital with every passing year. This in turn will allow them to live and enjoy the life of their eyes better. 

Here are some fun facts about our new Roshambo blue light blocking glasses:

  • Block over 80% of the most harmful blue light rays (under wavelength 420 nm) and 99.9% UVA/B/C rays
  • Polycarbonate lightweight, shatterproof, high performance lenses designed for durability
  • Made in Italy, and assembled in the USA
  • Just like our other glasses these are durable, flexible, ultra light, and comfortable.
  • Certified BPA, lead, cadmium, phthalate and latex free! Toxicant free and no unnecessary paint! They are also small parts tested and therefore, safe for little people. 


There is no harm in keeping your eyes extra protected. 

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