Thank you for your interest in becoming a stockist. 

Our awesome online wholesale ordering system lets you place your orders right through our website. Pick and choose what styles, sizes and lens variations you want. NO CASE PACKS! No invoices or out-of-stock issues with our wholesale sunglasses for resale. After your application has been approved, you will have access to our wholesale online shop where you can order all of our products at special wholesale pricing (at reduced retail cost)!

Once completed and approved, you will receive login details where you can access all our products for resale at our special wholesale pricing.  


    Our new retail packaging is entirely plastic free and made in the USA!
    • Retro throwback graphics
    • Open box design to display shades
    • Same box size to fit all 3 display options
    • All boxes come with a "Certified and Trusted AU sticker" as approved by our parent company, Roshambo, in the States. 
    We are also proud to announce that we are now certified as a carbon neutral e-commerce store by


    • Orders placed here are intended for resale by your business only - brokers please contact for information. PLEASE NOTE, OUR PRODUCTS ARE NOT AUTHORIZED FOR RESALE ON ON AMAZON.COM.AU OR EBAY.COM.AU. We work with exclusive e-commerce partners for these outlets.
    • You must be logged into your account to see wholesale pricing.
    • Each unique order total must be at least AU$250.
    • Our Australia processing / shipping for smaller orders is fixed at AU$12.50 under 1KG and AU$20.50 if > 1KG. Free shipping for orders above AU$500. We have found that is a pretty accurate reflection of our actual cost to ship on the large majority of Australian retail orders. NOTE: As a rule of thumb, item orders totalling $250 or less would incur the fixed standard rate of handling and shipping fees of AU$12.50. Any orders >$250-$500, would incur a handling and shipping cost of AU$20.50. And any order totalling $500 would incur free shipping. Please note that larger orders than that i.e. over AU$2000 or so may be declined to be filled through this portal due to inventory management concerns. Some shipping fees may apply to a larger order also, due to packing volume. If you have a large volume order and want to check inventory prior to ordering, please contact We would hate for you to be disappointed by a refund and no shades :*(
    • If you sell online through your OWN RETAIL WEBSITE (not the large e-commerce sites above, those are still not allowed!), please note our retail prices on our website ($38.95 baby, $41.95 toddler, $43.95 junior, $49.95 adult standard polarized) are to be considered our minimum advertised price (MAP). We recommend plus / minus $5 from RPP values. Failure to adhere may result in a suspended account and emails with frowny faces from us.
    • No sharing accounts please!
    • We reserve the right to refund and decline to fill items or orders as necessary.
    Thank you for your interest in our little family company, we are thrilled to add you to our quickly growing retail family!