Everything's comin' up Milhouse! For our money, he's the most underrated character in The Simpsons universe so definitely deserves his own glasses.

Get bendable, flexible, durable, Italian-made only frames for....

1) Fashion-use

2) Prescription: Grab our frames and get your prescription lenses fitted at your local optometrist or at one of our optometry partners. 

Roshambo baby glasses include your choice of frame color and can be fitted with single vision polycarbonate lenses in your prescription or a stronger Rx. Sphere power over +/- 6.00 or Cylinder power over +/- 2.00 require custom made lenses with extra surfacing, shaping, and optical wizardry. Consult with your optometrist now.

  • Made in Italy like your designer shades, and assembled in USA
  • Material is specially designed with babies in mind: durable, flexible, ultra light, and comfortable. Soft and safe for little faces, hands and mouths.
  • Nearly indestructible: we offer a 1-year full damage frame guarantee.
  • Durable, flexible, and bendable frames, made from recycled material; so eco-friendly and lightweight.
  • Certified BPA, lead, and latex free. Small parts tested as safe for babies.
  • We mold our logos into our design to eliminate unnecessary paint.
  • Most importantly, you are helping support seriously ill children and their families at Ronald McDonald House Charities and Kids with Cancer Foundation (AU) with every Australian sale. 

Packaging comes with a durable, microfiber pouch you can use as a cloth to wipe off those fingerprint smudges. 






      Our youth size sports wrap sunglasses fit ages 5-15 years old (depending on head size). 


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